Sprinter Van

Sleek yet spacious.
2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.


Sized to fit in.

Styled to stand out.

Sprinter cargo and passenger vans can be personalized to fit any job. These vehicles were built for the delivery businesses and more than 1700 different Sprinter variants can be generated. This variability makes the new Sprinter the perfect vehicle for a wide range of transport needs and sectors.have nearly endless customization options for all types of transportation assignments. Mercedes-Benz of Brooklyn currently holds a large inventory of Sprinter vans ready to meet your specific needs. When you up-fit your van

with temperature-controlled capabilities, you can keep your cargo cold anywhere any time. Mercedes-Benz now has the ability to plug in your van to any common electrical outlet and keep your van cold even when it’s not running! That’s cool!

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